Smart Weatherstation for Shellys

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Our new weather station combines the advantages of a professional weather center with the requirements of a smart home. The integrated WLAN module transmits the weather data to any smart home system such as the Light-Manager Air, ioBroker, openHAB, Fhem and others.
Shelly actuators can even be comprehensively controlled directly with the weather station, nothing else is required.

Retract the awning when wind blows or rain falls? From now on no problem!

Important notes:
Instructions for controlling the Shellys: Click HERE!

Product details

The system consists of the main unit with brilliant color display, which clearly shows the weather data, a multifunction sensor for wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity, and a rain sensor. If required, the system can be supplemented with two additional temperature and humidity sensors.
Since the main unit also handles the reception of the sensor data, a high range is achieved through suitable placement. The smart home system can remain in place, receiving the ready-processed data via WLAN. An optimal division of labor!
Via the integrated WLAN module, the data of all connected sensors are of course also available in any browser. Weather stations with WLAN already exist - but none that transmit the data to your smart home system, send e-mails with current weather on request and control Shelly actuators.

Technical Data

Main unit dimensions 17 × 192 × 127 mm.
Dimensions of the sensor 250 × 160 × 100 mm
Indoor temperature -10 °C to +50 °C, resolution 0.1 °C
Outdoor temperature -30 °C to +60 °C, resolution 0.1 °C
Indoor humidity 1 % to 99 % rel. humidity, resolution 1 %
Outdoor humidity 1 % to 99 % rel. humidity, resolution 1 %.
Possibility to set temperature unit °C/°F °C/°F
Mains adapter yes, 5 V DC/300 mA (supplied)
Power supply of the station 3× 1.5V AAA (not required for mains operation, not supplied)
Power supply of sensor 4× 1.5 V AA (not supplied)
DCF radio clock
Transmission frequency 433 MHz
WLAN 802.11 g/n (channels 1-13) #

The package contains the weather station, power supply, wireless wind and rain sensors.
The required batteries 6x AA/Mignon (sensors) and 3x AAA/Micro (backup station) are not included.

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