Shelly Pro 3EM Switch Add-On

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Add-on device for Shelly Pro 3EM

An electrically isolated switch to extend the capabilities of your Shelly Pro 3EM. With this add-on device you can easily control contactors and other electrical devices, giving you more flexibility and control over your consumption.

*Only compatible with Shelly Pro 3EM!

Power supply:
Supply voltage AC: N/A
Supply voltage DC: 3.3 V and 12 V (from Shelly Pro 3EM device)
Power consumption: < 1 W

Switching voltage:

Maximum switching voltage AC: 240 V
Max. Switching voltage DC: 30 V
Max. Switching current AC: 2A
Max. switching current Switching current DC: 2A

Special functions:

Dry contacts


Ambient temperature: -20 °C to 40 °C / -5 °F to 105 °F
Humidity: 30 % to 70 % RH
Max. Altitude: 2000 m / 6562 ft

Dimensions and connection:

Size 94x19x69 ±0.5 mm
Weight: 20 ±1 g
Mounting: DIN rail, attached to a Shelly Pro 3EM
Screw terminals max torque: 0.4 Nm
Conductor cross section: 0.5 to 2.5 mm² / 20 to 14 AWG (solid, stranded and lugs)
stripping length of the conductor: 6 to 7 mm
Material of the housing: plastic

Warranty and Support:
Warranty inquiries and troubleshooting via the Shelly-Support-Ticketsystem