Shelly BLU-Button

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Battery-operated Bluetoooth button to activate actions and scenes

Control various scenes and other Shelly devices remotely and activate or deactivate them without your cell phone.
Perform up to 4 predefined actions or scenes with simple click combinations. Lightweight, small, compact and can be used anywhere!

For a matching wall mount, click HERE.
and matching CR2032 batteries are available HERE.

Important notice:

Use of the Shelly BLU-Button requires the presence of at least one PLUS or PRO series Shelly on your network to serve as a gateway.
Controlling other Shelly devices with the BLU button is done via scenes, which can be created very easily in the Shelly APP.
Direct actions (without scenes) are only possible via the scripting function!

Power supply:

CR2032 button cell 3V, included in delivery!
Battery life up to 2 years

Special functions:

-Scripting functionality for location based actions
-Full compatibility with the new Home Assistant BTHome protocol
-Uses BLE technology
-Turn devices on/off, dim and activate scenes
-Encrypted transmission
-Includes sound and light alarms; "Hush" mode for silent function
- "Find me" function activated by beacon mode
-Range of 10 m indoors and 30 m outdoors
-Function with Plus and Pro devices
-Complex scene control
-Activate or deactivate synchronized actions of multiple Shelly devices
-Very fast response time


Bluetooth Protocol: 4.2
Encryption: AES encryption (CCM mode)
Beacon mode: YES
Bluetooth range up to 30 m outdoors and up to 10 m indoors (depending on building materials)


Requires a Shelly Plus or Pro device as a gateway


Size 36mm x 36mm x 6 mm
Weight: 9g
Deviation from device dimensions is up to 0.5mm. Deviation from housing dimensions is up to 2mm.

Warranty and Support:

Warranty inquiries and troubleshooting via the Shelly-Support-Ticketsystem