Brightness sensor for Shellys -Outdoor-

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Brightness sensor as a kit for switching Shellys according to the ambient brightness.
Easy and fast assembly without soldering!

Important notes:
-Please be sure to follow product details or video and Mounting video!
-The sensor should not be mounted in a place with permanent, strong sunlight to avoid excessive heating in the housing!

An additional Shelly1 or Shelly Plus1  is required!

Product details

This kit allows the fast and uncomplicated construction of a smart brightness sensor, which can directly address (via URL actions or scenes) the Shellys in the Smarthome.
For example, to control shutters according to the ambient brightness (and automatic shading) or as a twilight switch for outdoor lighting and much more.

Included are:
-housing with transparent cover, waterproof according to IP66
-12V built-in power supply
-control module with photo resistor
-configured cable set with plugs and wire end ferrules
-3 x mounting screw
-mini screwdriver
-3D pressure part to hold the power supply unit
-3D pressure part for holding the Shelly (either Shelly1 or Shelly Plus1)
not included but additionally needed: 1 x Shelly1 or Shelly Plus1

Product video

Product information

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